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'An indulgent facial, targeting and treating a multitude of skin concerns.  This customizable treatment is a luxurious experience delivering perceivable results' - Optiphi


optiphi® professional facials


Treatment Recovery                      No recovery required


Risks & Complications                   Very low


Procedure Time                             60 minutes


Skin Specialist                                Therapist


At Ola Bella, our optiphi® facial of choice is the Classic Firming Peptides Facial.

This indulgent facial targets signs of aging, sagging and lifelessness in the skin.

This facial is designed to deliver actives that boost collagen and elastin synthesis and hydration in the skin. A truly unique skincare treatment with instant plumping results.

In developing the optiphi® range of products, intensive research is conducted in selecting the most suitable actives at validated concentrations for a multitude of skin types. It is part of optiphi's® aim and vision to create a range, which meets the needs of a wide range of consumers. optiphi® products are pH-balanced. It therefore not only restores the skin to a healthy condition, but maintains it. In the process of formulating the combination of ingredients of each product, attention is given to the selection of the right combinations which will work in synergy to restore the skin’s health, no matter what type of skin it is. optiphi® products are suitable for all skin types.


It is thus:


  • Unisex – for use by both women and men

  • Multi-ethnological – all races - be it Caucasian, Asian or African – can benefit from optiphi®

  • Multiple-skin condition friendly – the optiphi® range caters for all skin types and all skin conditions

Besides being included in your skin-care regime to achieve and to maintain the optimal health of your skin, using optiphi® products can assist in the improvement of several skin conditions:

  •  Skin aging

  •  Solar damage

  •  Pigmentation

  •  Skin breakouts

Book your optiphi® professional facial at Ola Bella today and change your skin forever!

"Beauty is about enhancing what you

have ... let your best self shine through!"